How Facebook and Twitter built the best employee training programs in Silicon Valley

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Training people is absolutely necessary, regardless of the size, sector, industry or the age of a company. Especially in the ICT world were 6 months seem like a lifetime we realise that without training we are just working with out producing or without reaching our full potential.
I don’t believe anyone disagrees on the above. The hard part is to built a program in a small company that will be sustainable, productive and create more than knowledge, a culture of learning and collaborating.

This is an excellent piece by Max Nisen  originally posted on Quartz.

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#Launch me up

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San Francisco - 106
Well you know what this is.

It’s been a couple of days since we were in San Francisco, participating in an event that was both inspiring and awakening. How else can you describe the speed and abundance of information you are called to absorb in just a few days ? The people that you want to meet in person (any single one of them)? The teams that want to share their passion with you, and most of them manage to do so quite successfully? Read the rest of this entry »

Design Does Matter

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ZXSpectrum48kI bought my first computer back in 1984. It was one of the first models of, the iconic today, ZX Spectrum. A home computer that probably launched the revolution of personal computing in Europe (along with other memorable brands like Commodore, Amstrad, BBC and a few others).

Across the Atlantic, Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniac were already disrupting the industry for about a decade, and had significant success with Apple II series. (An Apple IIc was actually my second computer). IBM and Microsoft responded with the launch of the first IBM PC in 1981, which soon became a standard. Mac made its debut almost exactly 30 years ago (January 25th, 1984) and soon became one of the most loved technology apparatus out there. It didn’t have users, it had fans and devotees. It was appealing, easy to use, elegant, beautiful. It was loveable. This is still the case for all Apple products. Read the rest of this entry »