Up there on the mountains

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Summer. Just a few weeks ago, end of July and instead of being at a beach and listening to the waves, you drive for about 3,5 hours to be in Zagori. Along with you another 1000+ athletes waiting to climb Timfi as fast as they can and run it downhill even faster. Before that there was Olympus Marathon, and half a dozen other races on mountains all over Greece.
Snow, mud and icy trails during spring. Dusty, dry rocks and hot sun during summer. Almost every weekend, you are there, standing at the starting line, regardless of the weather, the season, your problems and your worries. Read the rest of this entry »


What I’ve learned from Running

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Διαβάστε το στα Ελληνικά εδώ. 

Winter-Training-1000x500_largeWhen you are running, especially long distances, you have enough time to think. And more importantly, you can think more clearly than ever. In the beginning, when your runs are shorter, you think meetings, tasks, projects, obligations…As your running becomes almost an everyday habit, you learn to think only what matters. You learn to distinguish important things, you learn to ask. You learn.

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Athens Classical Marathon by a slow runner

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Athens, Sunday 10/11/2013

Athens Classical Marathon 2013 - 375.25 : I wake up minutes before my alarm clock finally sounds. It’s dark outside. I reach for my watch and get up, rather unwillingly. I feel neither refreshed nor relaxed. I shouldn’t have overdone it at the Expo yesterday. Standing and browsing the stands and strolling later, around the centre of Athens, had a negative impact to my body. The uncomfortable bed of the hotel did not help either. Things could have been worse. Most of my fellow runners at the hotel have had a 10 hour bus ride on top of the above.

5.30 : I hear the low sound of my alarm clock. I guess I have to stop the useless review on yesterdays events. I dress up and head to the breakfast buffet. Read the rest of this entry »